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General Consumer Information

  • SDSU Extension Regional Offices and Field Specialists
  • SDSU Extension Virtual Coffee Shop
    • Group meetings will be held at various locations across the state to allow you to come in, have a cup of coffee, listen to an Extension Specialist cover a specific topic, then ask questions and discuss the issue. If you can't make it to a meeting, join the web conference or listen to a recorded past meeting.
  • EPA Bedbug Information
  • EPA Bedbug Information Clearinghouse
    • The goal of the Bed Bug Information Clearinghouse is to provide a "one-stop" location for communities throughout the country to exchange information and outreach materials on the control, detection and prevention of bed bugs. This will help communities conserve resources and provide improved effectiveness and accuracy of community outreach materials.
    • The Clearinghouse is searchable based on:
      • Audience - such as Hotels, Health Centers, Housing Authorities, Schools, Shelters, Residential Consumers, etc.
      • Topic - Detection, Prevention, Non-chemical Control, Management, Pesticides
      • Type of product - Outreach Materials such as Factsheets, Brochures, Websites, etc.
    • The Clearinghouse will include information in English and other languages as available. Some of the current information focuses on identifying and treating bed bug infestations in various types of situations. In addition, there is information on several different types of treatments such the use of heat to kill bed bugs. While there is no quick fix for bed bug infestations, having accurate information about bed bug control will help keep the public from over-applying or misusing pesticides.
  • Homeowner/Home and Garden Pesticide Information
  • Prevent Poisonings In Your Home (US EPA)

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