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Fumigant Management

Grain SilosThe Fumigant Management Plan (FMP) is intended to ensure the safety of the applicators, site employees, the surrounding community and the environment. It is also designed to ensure a legal and effective fumigation. The FMP is a written record that provides specific logistical, performance and contact information to help characterize the fumigation site. The FMP is meant to be somewhat prescriptive, yet flexible enough to allow the experience and expertise of the fumigator to make changes based on circumstances, which may exist in the field.

Burrowing Pest & Grain Fumigants

All phosphine labels now require that the certified applicator be responsible for developing and following a Fumigation Management Plan (FMP).

Soil Fumigants

Laws and Regulations

  • SDCL 38-21-44(2) Suspension, denial, revocation, or modification of license or certification–Grounds–Penalty for violation–Action against violator
  • 40 CFR Part 150-189 EPA Pesticide Programs

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