Pesticide Recordkeeping Requirements | South Dakota Department of Agriculture

Pesticide Recordkeeping Requirements

Program Information

Federal Pesticide Recordkeeping Program Penalty Increase effective May 7, 2010 (See highlighted sections on page 1 and page 3 of the Federal Register Notice.)

Guides, Manuals and Forms

Laws and Regulations

South Dakota Codified Law

  • SDCL 38-21-18 Standards for Certification of Applicators
  • SDCL 38-21-23 Certification Required for Private Application of Pesticide
  • SDCL 38-21-24 Records Required of Private and Commercial Applicators
  • SDCL 38-21-51 Administration and Enforcement of Chapter–Regulations

South Dakota Administrative Rule

  • ARSD 12:56:07 Commercial Applicator Recordkeeping Requirements
  • ARSD 12:56:10:06 Licensed Pesticide Dealers Required Dealer Records
  • ARSD 12:56:10:07 Licensed Pesticide Dealers Records to be Kept for Three Years
  • ARSD 12:56:10:08 Licensed Pesticide Dealers Availability of Records to the Department
  • ARSD 12:56:16 Private Applicator Records for Livestock Protection Collars

Code of Federal Regulations

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