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State Generic Pesticides and Groundwater Management Plan

SDDA received concurrence on the Generic Pesticides and Groundwater Management Plan in March of 2000. This information was developed in response to Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) requirements for developing Pesticides and Groundwater Management Plans to protect groundwater from pesticide contamination.

This plan was intended as a generic plan designed to lay the framework and set out a general process for a Pesticide Specific State Management Plan (PSSMP). However, the EPA did not require states to develop PSSMPs for pesticides. Instead, the generic plan outlines the process needed to regulate pesticides in groundwater and surface water in South Dakota.

This Generic State Management Plan (GSMP) for South Dakota is intended to describe how programs and policies already in place will be used to address concerns related to pesticides and groundwater quality. In addition, it describes how the South Dakota Department of Agriculture’s authority to regulate pesticides may be used to augment these activities. The South Dakota GSMP provides the framework and basic concepts needed for the State to regulate pesticides in water.

2000 State Management Plan Entire Document (11.63MB) Large file may take some time to download.

2000 State Management Plan Components

Component 1 State’s Philosophy and Goals Towards Protecting Groundwater
Component 2 Agency Roles and Responsibilities
Component 3 Legal Authority
Component 4 Resources
Component 5 Basis for Assessment and Planning
Component 6 Monitoring
Component 7 Prevention Actions
Component 8 Response to Detection of Pesticides
Component 9 Enforcement Mechanisms
Component 10 Public Awareness and Participation
Component 11 Information Dissemination
Component 12 Records and Reporting

2000 State Management Plan Appendices

Appendix A: State Management Plan Stakeholders
Appendix B: MOU Between SDDA and SDDENR in Regard to Cooperative Efforts for Environmental Protection
Appendix C: SDCL 34A-12 Regulated Substances Discharges
Appendix D: Interagency Agreement – SDDA/SDSU, Coordination of Pesticide Certification/Recertification
Appendix E: 1997 Nonpoint Source Task Force Mailing List
Appendix F: 1992 Commercial Applicator Summary
Appendix G: Chapter 74:54:01 Groundwater Quality Standards
Appendix H: Water Quality Sample Information
Appendix I: Pesticide Enforcement Action – Penalty Policy
Appendix J: Tribal and Bordering States Agreements
Appendix K: Commercial Applicator Summary Form
Appendix L: Cooperative Extension Service – Fact Sheets and Worksheets
Appendix M: South Dakota State University – Refereed Publications
Appendix N: South Dakota State University – University Courses

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