Resource Conservation Speech Contest | South Dakota Department of Agriculture

2018 Photos of Resource Conservation Speech Contest Winners

The 57th annual State Finals of the Resource Conservation Speech Contest was held at the Capitol in Pierre on Saturday, April 28, 2018. The theme of this year’s contest was “How Does Your Watershed?”


1st Place Winner Grace Douglas

2nd Place Winner Hannah Hetland

3rd Place Winner Radley Reichert

4th Place Winner Grace Lentz

5th Place Winner Ella Wittmuss

Tallon Everson speech video

Matthew Holler speech video

Marya McLaughlin speech video


1st place winner Grace Douglas with Bill Smith and East River Electric representative Ken Gillaspie


Top 5 Winners (Left to right): Grace Lentz, Ella Wittmuss, Grace Douglas, Hannah Hetland and Radley Reichert .


2018 Contestants (left to right): Matthew Holler, Grace Lentz, Marya McLaughlin, Tallon Everson, Ella Wittmuss, Hannah Hetland, Grace Douglas and Radley Reichert.