Register of Private Professional Foresters | South Dakota Department of Agriculture

Register of Private Professional Foresters

State law (SDCL 41-20-8) governs how the Resource Conservation and Forestry Division shall respond to a request for timber sale assistance from a private landowner. The law states that the State Forester “shall determine that such assistance is not reasonably available through a consulting forester.” In response to this requirement, the division has developed the Register of Private Professional Foresters.

Private landowners that request timber sale assistance from the division are referred to professional foresters listed on the register. Registered foresters will also receive announcements for continuing education training sponsored by the division, and contracting opportunities with the State.

To be included on the register, the forester must complete an application and submit it along with his/her resume to the State Forester. There is no fee to apply or remain on the register. The division will endeavor to maintain correct contact information on registered professionals, but ultimately correct contact information is the responsibility of the registered forester. Foresters can be removed from the list at any time by contacting the division.

Foresters are not required to be listed on the register to practice professional forestry in South Dakota. Therefore, the register should not be considered a comprehensive list of professional foresters offering services in the state.

View and print the current register.

Professional foresters who wish to be included on the register may view and print the application. You will need to submit a resume with the application.