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Ag Finance Counseling

Corn and HorsesAg Finance Counselors are available to both debtors and creditors involved in mediation.  Counselors work closely with all parties to prepare them for mediation; including negotiation and restructuring of loans.  They assess the situation while providing resources and options for a favorable outcome for all parties.

This service is provided free of charge to farmers and ranchers in South Dakota that are involved in voluntary or mandatory mediation. This program started in October 1984 and has assisted over 4,600 farmers and ranchers.

All information is strictly confidential.

What do producers say about Ag Finance Counselors?

He was always willing and available, had extensive knowledge and was very helpful to us.”

“He seems to see options in a situation that even the loan officers and lawyers miss, he is excellent.”

“He was very helpful in explaining our loan terms in simple terms so we could understand them.”

For information on the Ag Finance Counseling Program contact:

Julie McClelland, Mediation Specialist
P: 605.773.4181