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Weed & Pest Grants

Plane SprayingThese grants are intended to support the programs and policies established by the SD Weed & Pest Control Commission. The intent is to encourage new, improved or innovative activities that will allow the program to become more effective. The intent is not to replace current operational budgets for ongoing control activities.

Legislative Authority

The Commission may expend weed and pest control funds through grants or contracts to weed and pest county boards, governmental agencies or other entities it considers appropriate for weed and pest control projects for the following (SDCL 38-22-38):

  • Employment of a new and innovative weed and pest control project or development,  implementation or demonstration of any weed and pest control project that may be proposed, implemented or established by local, state or national organizations, whether public or private. Such expenditures shall be on a cost-share basis with such organizations;
  • Weed and pest control cost share programs with the county weed and pest boards;
  • Special grants to county weed and pest control boards to eradicate or contain significant  weeds or pests newly introduced into the county. These grants may be issued without matching funds from the board;
  •  Assist county weed and pest boards in purchasing pesticides and application equipment and hiring labor necessary to protect against expansion of noxious weeds and declared pests;
  • Support multi-county weed and pest control and eradication efforts;
  • Promote landowner responsibility to control noxious weeds and pests in South Dakota;
  • Support educational and research efforts to find new and better ways of controlling noxious weeds and declared pests.

A project is eligible to receive funds only if the county in which the project occurs has funded its own weed and pest program. The commission may also expend funds to pay for the costs of administering the weed and pest control fund not to exceed three percent of the allowable expenditure for each fiscal year and for administrative expenses incurred by the commission.

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