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South Dakota Farm and Ranch Recognition Program

The farm and ranch has long been the cornerstone of South Dakota history. None more perhaps than the farms and ranches we honor as South Dakota Century and Quasquicentennial Farms and Ranches. The families that own and work these acres have done so for 100, 125 or 150 years or longer.

If your family has retained ownership of a farm or ranch for 100, 125 or 150 years or more in South Dakota, and if the farm or ranch consists of a minimum of 80 acres of the original farmland, you may be interested in having your farm designated as a Century/Quasquicentennial Farm or Ranch. To do so, follow the link below to download the application, print it, complete it and mail it to the South Dakota Farm Bureau office in Huron. The address is provided on the form.


125 Year Old South Dakota Farm & Ranch Profiles

Past Years Century Farms Maps

Past Years Quasqui Centennial Farms Maps

Past Years Sesqui Centennial Farms Maps