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South Dakota Agriculture for Dairy Production

Dairy ProductsAgriculture is the number one industry in South Dakota providing a $16.3 billion economic impact to the state. Dairy products are the second leading livestock commodity in cash receipts. The state’s milk production in 2009 totaled 1,892 million pounds, up from 1,796 million in 2008.

The average number of milk cows, at 94,000 head, was up from 2008, and production per cow, at 20,128, increased 2,387 pounds since 2005. Most of our milk is processed into cheese, milk powder and whey blends, then exported to other states.

Many producers are enhancing their operations to become more efficient and profitable. The dairy processing industry has also expanded over the past five years resulting in increased processing plant capacity. This expansion and modernization has created a strong, competitive milk market for our state’s dairy producers.

Feed Resources Production Rank in US
Corn Harvested for Grain 585.2 M Bu 6
Corn Harvested for Silage 3.6 M Tons NA
Soybeans 138.0 M Bu 8
Sorghum 7.4 M Bu 9
Sunflower 1,049.3 M Lbs 2
Hay — All 7.8 M Tons 4
Alfalfa 5.5 M Tons 2
Other Hay 2.3 M Tons 10
All Wheat 172.5 M Bu 3
Oats 8.8 M Bu 3

For information on the South Dakota Dairy Industry contact:
David Skaggs, Dairy/Ag Development Specialist