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Local Foods

Farmers MarketSouth Dakota has a rich tradition of producing food for people around the world. However, many consumers in South Dakota have never been on a farm. But they still want to know where their food comes from – including beef, pork, milk, vegetables, fruits and grains. They also want to connect with the producers who grow the food they feed to their families.

More and more producers are capitalizing on the opportunities to sell their food directly to consumers through outlets such as Farmers Markets and CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture). Our state’s melon producers have a long history of selling their melons at roadside stands. And others are looking at creating strategic partnerships to help market their goods.

Many partners in the state work together to increase the supply of local foods:

For more information on these programs and services, contact:

Bob Weyrich, Ag Development Rep
P: 605.773.5436