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Value-Added Crop Marketing

The Value-Added Crop Marketing Program assists the state’s producers and processors in marketing their products both domestically and internationally. Emphasis is placed on expanding and enhancing the sale of agricultural commodities and producer goods generated in South Dakota.

  • CornConsolidates efforts for the development, marketing and promotion of such products by coordinating efforts with the state’s ag commodity groups and other state agencies. Pays special attention to small rural producers in helping them develop markets for their products from startup to the final details.
  • Aids with the marketing of South Dakota value added agricultural food products by providing technical assistance and counseling.
  • Offers marketing assistance to South Dakota crop producers. Places emphasis on expanding and enhancing the sale of crops as well as value-added by products produced in South Dakota.
  • Assists in discovering new markets and conducting market research activities. Consolidates efforts for the development, marketing and promotion of commodities by coordinating efforts with national and state commodity groups and other agencies.
  • Assembles and disseminates national and international trade leads for South Dakota grown commodities and related products.
  • Organizes international trade missions between South Dakota producers and their foreign counterparts. Assists with obtaining export requirements for foreign countries. Aids producers with export details and coordination.

For information on Value-Added and Crop Marketing contact:

SD Department of Agriculture's Agriculture Development Division
P: 605.773.5436