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Pesticide Applicator and Dealer Certification, Licensing and Education

Program Information

The State Agriculture Department is the lead agency administering the pesticide certification program required by FIFRA.

Commercial Applicators

Commercial applicator certification is valid for two years. Several specific categories of commercial certification are available. Once certified, commercial applicators must obtain a biennial license. More than 6,000 commercial applicators are currently licensed.

License Fees:

  • Applicator License $25.00
  • Restricted-Use Pesticide Dealer License $50.00
  • Bulk Pesticide Storage Facility Permit $0
  • Operational Area Containment Registration $0

Commercial licenses must be renewed by March 1 or a $50.00 late fee will be assessed. Government employees who apply pesticides must obtain an applicator license; however, the $25.00 fee is not required.

Pesticide Dealers

Private Applicators

Private applicator certification is required before an agricultural producer can purchase or use a restricted-use pesticide. A producer who has the potential of producing more than $1,000 of an agricultural commodity must be certified to use any pesticide. Private applicator certification is obtained by attending a certification meeting,  or taking the on-line test.

There is no fee for a private applicator certification card, which is valid for five years. Over 16,000 private applicators currently hold valid certification.

Laws and Regulations

South Dakota Codified Law

South Dakota Administrative Rule

Federal Regulations

  • 7 CFR Part 110 USDA, AMS Recordkeeping On Restricted Use Pesticides By Certified Applicators, both private and commercial
  • 40 CFR Part 150-189 EPA Pesticide Programs

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